Gay Civil Unions overturned in Australia

Danny McCoy | June 14, 2006

SYDNEY — Gay news organizations nationwide are lashing out at the announcement by government officials in Australia that an Australian Capital Territory (ACT) law legalizing civil unions for gay couples will be overturned.

Local assembly in ACT approved the bill last month to allow civil unions. The original bill was watered down because it allowed gay marriage.

But days later the federal government vowed to overturn the law, then promised to reconsider. Attorney General Philip Ruddock said the bill goes against the Federal Marriage Act because its wording defines civil unions too closely to marriage.

�The ACT civil relationships ordinance has been disallowed,� Ruddock said in a statement, according to Pink News UK. That means, in effect, that the legislative amendments introduced to establish a civil arrangement for same-sex parties and others in the ACT will no longer be law.�

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell, who had attempted to rush the bill through law, told the Australian Daily Telegraph, "This is a homophobic decision, it is arrogant and undemocratic.�

The law was invalidated throughout Australia effective midnight, Tuesday. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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