UK gay foster parents guilty of abuse

Ross von Metzke | May 23, 2006

WEST YORKSHIRE, UK — A gay couple approved as foster parents by social services in 2003 was found guilty of abusing four boys between the ages of eight and 14 while they were in their care, PinkNews.co.uk has reported.

Ian Wathey, 40, and Craig Faunch, 32, were the first openly gay couple to be approved as foster parents in West Yorkshire, according to Gay.com. The two were convicted Monday of taking advantage of children put in their care by Wakefield Council.

According to PinkNews.co.uk, Wathey and Faunch videotaped and performed sex acts on the young boys. One testimony claimed two eight years olds were video taped on the toilet. The boys showed the pictures to their mother, who in turn told social services.

The defendants maintained that the photos were taken simply to embarrass the boys and teach them to close the door.

Another boy, an autistic 14 year old, claimed the men had hurt him by touching him inappropriately and making him watch gay pornography. Defending attorney Andrew Robertson claimed it was the latest in a number of unfounded claims of abuse.

Both men had unblemished records, PinkNews.co.uk reported.

Wathey will be charged with six charges of sex with a child and one of causing a child to watch a sex act on video. Faunch will receive two charges of taking indecent photos and five of having sex with two boys.

Both men denied all of the allegations throughout the trial. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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