Chinese salesman jailed for organizing gay orgies

Angela D'Amboise| May 22, 2006

BEIJING, China — The Independent Online is reporting that a Chinese salesman has been sentenced to spend more than a year in jail for organizing gay orgies through a series of Web sites.

The 33-year-old man, who is being referred to in news reports by the surname Zou, began organizing the parties in 2005, when he set up a Web site advertising sex parties for gay men in Beijing

It said Zou charged those who took part 30-50 yuan (between $4 and $6). A venue was provided, along with pornographic materials and sex toys.

�Thanks to reporting from the masses, Zou was caught on the spot last November and this 'licentious nest' was cracked,� a statement from Chinese officials read.

The notoriously conservative Chinese Communist Party looks down on homosexuality and classifies group sex as a crime. In recent years, China has become more open minded to diverse lifestyles but maintains a puritanical view on sex. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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