Laura Bush advises against using gay marriage as political strategy

Danny McCoy | May 16, 2006

Laura Bush
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Perhaps the most influential person in the president�s life is calling on Republicans to leave the issue of gay marriage and a proposed amendment to the constitution out of political strategies for the coming year. That person is Laura Bush.

According to the Associated Press, the first lady told Fox News Sunday that while she�s certain the American people want a debate on the issue of gay marriage, she doesn�t think �it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously.�

�It requires a lot of sensitivity to just talk about the issue – a lot of sensitivity,� she said.

A decision that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman is up for debate in the Senate early next month, Majority Leader Bill Frist said on CNN's Late Edition. Frist is in support of an amendment to the constitution.

So is President Bush, as he's indicated publicly several times, but Vice President Dick Cheney, whose daughter Mary Cheney is openly gay, does not.

Mary has recently written a book, Now It's My Turn, in which she acknowledges that she almost quit working on the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004 because of Bush's position on gay marriage.

Cheney, who has long been out as a lesbian and worked toward pro-gay legislation and worked for Coors as a gay and lesbian consultant, has been the target of criticism from both Republicans and gay rights activists for having a vague stand on gay issues.

Reporters questioned her Sunday about reports that White House political adviser Karl Rove and other Republicans want to use the issue to mobilize conservatives for the midterm election.

Cheney said she hoped �no one would think about trying to amend the Constitution as a political strategy.

�What I can say is look, amending the Constitution with this amendment, this piece of legislation... It is writing discrimination into the Constitution, and, as I say, it is fundamentally wrong.� – Issued by Gay Link Content

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