New name and date for Bangkok Pride

Danny McCoy | April 19, 2006

BANGKOK, Thailand — "Pride Festival" is the new name for this year's GLBT Pride events, set for October 28 – November 5 in and around Bangkok. The theme of the Festival is 'Bangkok Together 2006' and the new goal is to bring everyone together by increasing community participation of friends and families and showing the broad diversity of the Thai GLBT community.

The new name for the organizing group is Pride Festival Organization (PFO) with a management structure more like similar Thai community groups. The new Executive Committee – now with a majority of Thai people – will assure diversity of representation and appropriateness of planning and activities.

"We're making changes to the traditional GLBT Pride week in Bangkok. These changes are in response to the community," said Khun Nikorn Arthit, 2006 Chairperson for Pride Festival. "Above all, the Festival goals are to have the Pride week celebration presented in a Thai way and be responsive to the many different types of people who make up the Thai GLBT community."

The Executive Committee's first working session was March 9 and set up committees to plan for the 2006 Festival. The meeting was lively with many new ideas for making this year's events better and more appealing to the broader GLBT community as well as the public.

The new dates, October 28 – November 5, include the traditional celebrations of both Halloween and Loy Krathong, too.

This year, PFO will educate as well as entertain with the addition of educational seminars during Pride Festival – Bangkok Together 2006. Topics being considered include Coming out in Thailand, History of homosexuality in Thailand and the Greater Mekong, and HIV/AIDS among MSM in Thailand. Anyone with ideas and expertise is welcome to send their ideas to the Festival Committee.

As in years past, art exhibits by GLBT artists and a film festival of GLBT movies, both Thai and international, are being planned. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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