US prison officer disciplined for showing Brokeback to inmates

Danny McCoy | April 12, 2006

NORFOLK, Massachusetts — A prison officer at the largest stae prison in Massachusetts is facing punishment after showing inmates a DVD of the gay cowboy film Brokeback Mountain.

Massachusetts Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin said the recreation officer, whose name was not released, was facing punishment for not following standard procedure for screening film for excessive violence, assaults on correctional staff, nudity or explicit sexual content.

�I want to make it clear, it wasn't the subject matter, it was the graphic nature of the sexually explicit scenes,� Wiffin told the Boston Globe Monday.

The officer showed the film last Thursday at MCI-Norfolk, a medium security prison about 25 miles southwest of Boston.

According to Wiffin, a deputy supervisor came in while the movie was still playing and asked if it had been screened first. He was told it had not. Wiffin said since there were only 20 minutes remaining, the inmates were allowed to see the end.

Wiffin said she could not comment on what sort of punishment the officer might face.

She said she did not know how many inmates had seen the movie, nor did she know of any other instances when an officer was disciplined for showing an inappropriate movie. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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