Scouting for All calls for investigation of the Boy Scouts

David Mariner | March 29, 2006

This week Scouting for All, an organization opposing discrimination in the Boy Scouts, called for an investigation into the finances of the Boy Scouts of America. Scouting for All believes the Boy Scouts may be taking donations intended to fund it's non-discriminatory 'Living for Life' program and redirecting those funds into it's discriminatory Scouting programs against the wishes of donors.

Scouting for All President Scott Cozza stated: "The Boy Scouts of America is involved in possible unethical and illegal business dealings again. We witnessed this in AL, GA and TX – falsifying membership numbers to secure additional funding. Now Scouting for All, after careful review of public documents believes the Boy Scouts of America should be investigated again."

The Scouting Program policy of discriminating against excluding gay scouts has been widely criticized over the years. In 2002 Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, resigned from the National Board of the Boy Scouts in protest. Many United Way Chapters throughout the country have denied funding to the BSA's Traditional Scouting Program. Some of these chapaters have redirected donations to be used "only for the BSA's 'Learning for Life program', which does not discriminate against gays and lesbians.

On paper BSA's 'Learning for Life' program is a separate legal entity. What we know as the Boy Scouts of America is technically two non-profit organnizations: 'Learning for Life' and the BSA's Traditional Scouting Program.

Scouting for All believes, however, that the Boy Scouts are taking money intended only for it's non-disriminatory program, and pouring it back into the traditional scouting program.

Cozza continues: "Public records suggest that the majority of revenues generated by Learning for Life, Inc. is diverted into the membership accounts of the National Council. Revenues generated by Learning for Life, Inc. corresponded to nearly 70% of the total revenues supporting the National Council and its Traditional Scouting Program in 2003. Learning for Life, a nondiscriminatory organization, is supporting the Traditional Scouting Program, which practices discrimination."

Scouting for All further alleges that Chief Scout Executive Roy Williams, who works primarily on the discriminatory Scouting program, draws his salary from 'Learning for Life' funds.

"Scouting for All believes that in the best interest of the Boy Scouts of America and in the spirit reflected in both the Scout Oath and Law that this issue needs to be investigated, and, if improprieties are found, then, the current leadership of the BSA in Irving, Texas should step down." – www.temenos.netIssued by Gay Link Content

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