Kabbalah preacher blames gay marriage for bird flu

Danny McCoy | March 23, 2006

Yossi Beilin
JERUSALEM, Israel — A prominent Kabbalah preacher has blamed a push in upcoming elections to legalize gay marriage on an outbreak of the deadly bird flu in Israel.

With less than a week to gom before polls open, the remarks from Rabbi David Basri have done little to dissuade liberal campaigners. According to Reuters, Mertez party member Yossi Beilin is seeking liberal votes with a pro gay marriage stance through stickers that read, �voice of the groom and groom� and �voice of the bride and bride.�

Though Israel has recognized the common law marriage of same sex couples since 1994, this is the first time the issue of legal civil partnerships has played out so heatedly in the political arena.

It was Basri�s son who quoted his father, saying �God punishes depravity first through plagues against animals and then in people.� It should be obvious, he concluded, that bird flu is caused by political parties �strengthening and encouraging homosexuality.�

Rabbi Danny Rich, the Head of British Liberal Judaism, responded by saying: �This is so stupid it�s hardly worth responding to. Even scientists are not sure why bird flu has occurred, so I suppose this man is entitled to his flight of fancy. As far as I�m aware birds are not categorized by their sexuality, so what they have to do with gay marriage I don�t know.

�This Kabbalist seems to be muddled by his own mysticism and mystery. He must be a confused, sad man.� – Issued by Gay Link Content

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