The Salvation Army : Norwegian gay and lesbian friendly group started

Ephram | March 20, 2006

OSLO, Norway — Many soldiers within The Salvation Army in Norway don't agree with their leaders strict treatment against gays and lesbians in the army. Norwegian soldiers in The Salvation Army are now founding a group to support gays and lesbians within the army.

Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen revealed last November that The Salvation Army fired a 43 year old soldiers because he was gay. This case got lot of media attention in Norway and The Salvation Army lost standing among general public in Norway because of this case.

Many singers and musicians said no to The Salvation Army when the army asked them to support their yearly Christmas concert, that collect money for the poor and needy. Some artists that already had accepted the invitation said : don't ask next year.

Many soldiers in The Salvation Army have since then felt that kind of treatment of their colleague is not acceptable. According to the Norwegian newspaper The Salvation Army don't want a public debate in Norway about gays and lesbians, but they want a internal debate.

Gay and lesbian friendly soldiers has already had their first meeting in Oslo.

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