AOL launches GLBT music channel

March 17, 2006

What is gay music? And why the sudden influx of entertainment offerings tailored to the GLBT audience? Will films with gay characters/themes a la Brokeback Mountain continue to flood the movie box office? Can the gay marriage ban make you mentally sick or depressed as two new studies suggest?

Free to anyone on the Web at aol.com/gay, the AOL Gay & Lesbian community includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adults from across North America. For several years, AOL has strived to celebrate the GLBT community and provide 167,000 monthly visitors a platform to express themselves through photo galleries, blogs, chats, pen pals, personals, message boards and news debates, as well as features around community events like Gay Pride and National Coming Out Day.

To continue growing a strong and loyal GLBT community, AOL is launching a music area called G-Sides. The new G-Sides music channel spotlights artists/music that resonate with GLBT audiences. Included are openly gay artists such as Andy Bell and Rufus Wainwright, artists with large gay fanbases like Madonna and Depeche Mode, and songs/videos with gay themes like The Strokes' 'Juicebox.' – Issued by Gay Link Content

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