Don't vote for Theresa Nomamfene Bhotman!: Call from TAC

Text of TAC pamphlet calling for Khayelitsha residents not to vote for an AIDS denialist

February 28, 2006

CAPE TOWN — TAC is distributing the following pamphlet in Site C, Khayelitsha (in Xhosa and English) calling on residents not to vote for an AIDS denialist in Wednesday's local government election.


Theresa Nomamfene Bhotoman is the ANC ward candidate in Site C, Khayelitsha.

She has helped with illegal and dangerous experiments on people with HIV/AIDS. People have died because of AIDS denialists � those who do not believe that HIV causes AIDS. Bhotoman supports and benefits from AIDS denialism. Don�t vote for her!

Bhotoman works with Matthias Rath, a vitamin profiteer. Rath makes money off sick people by convincing them to take his untested, illegal medicines.

Many of us are ANC supporters, but we will not vote for Bhotoman. Her actions contribute to unnecessary death and suffering in people living with HIV/AIDS.. Together with Matthias Rath, she has helped convince people NOT to take life-saving medicines for AIDS. These medicines are called antiretrovirals. They could have got these life-saving medicines for free from public clinics. Some people died because Bhotoman and Rath convinced them not to take their medicines.

Bhotoman did this in violation of ANC policy, government policy and South African law. She must not be elected.

Theresa Nomamfene Bhotoman cares only about enriching herself. She does not care about the people of Site C, Khayelitsha.

If you are an ANC supporter living in Site C, please don�t vote for Bhotoman. You can still vote for the ANC on your second ballot. We are only asking you not to vote for Bhotoman.

We call on the ANC, Cosatu and the SACP to withdraw their support for Theresa Bhotoman. TAC is not standing in the local government elections. We do not endorse any candidate or political party. But we are campaigning for people not to vote for AIDS denialists like Theresa Nomamfene Bhotoman.

Demand Leadership on HIV prevention and treatment!
End AIDS Denialism!
Forward to a People�s Health Service!
Forward to Accountable Local Government!
Issued by TAC (Treatment Action Campaign).

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