UK innkeeper threatens gay guests

Danny McCoy | February 27, 2006

OVERTON, UK — A British gay couple was locked out of a bed and breakfast overnight by a rural innkeeper, then threatened with what they thought was a gun the next morning, The Advocate reported this week.

The two men were on vacation from London to Overton, Hampshire, for a friend's birthday party and were first asked to sleep in separate beds by the innkeeper, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The couple had booked a room with a double bed for their stay, but say they were asked by the innkeeper to consider a room with two twin beds upon checking in. When no such room was available, they say they were checked into their expected room and went out for the night.

Upon returning, they said they discovered they were locked out and were not able to wake anyone inside the hotel to let them in. So they stayed with one of the men's cousins who lived nearby.

The following morning, the two men went back to the hotel to confront the owner and said they were confronted with what looked like a gun. They said the innkeeper aimed and said he was "a bloody good shot."

The weapon turned out to be a beer tap.

The matter has since ended up in court, where the judge compared the couple's predicament to the famous British comedy series Faulty Towers. The innkeeper was charged with possession of a firearm or an imitation firearm with the intent to cause fear of unlawful violence and acquitted.

�I am not homophobic. I have friends who are gay,� the innkeeper explained, but added that neighbors might not be so understanding.

�Iin a small village like Overton everyone watches everyone else all the time,� he said. �I would have had the mickey taken out of me for a couple of weeks. I have a good reputation and like to keep my reputation.� – Issued by Gay Link Content

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