Openly gay Anglican bishop enters rehab for alcoholism

Angela D’Ambois | February 17, 2006

Bishop Gene Robinson
NEW HAMPSHIRE — After months of scandal surrounding the appointment of the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communition, New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson announced Tuesday that he is entering rehab for treatment of alcoholism.

“I am writing to you from an alcohol treatment centre where, with the encouragement and support of my partner, daughters and colleagues, I checked myself in to deal with my increasing dependence on alcohol,” Robinson wrote in an e-mail released to the press. He added that he had been dealing with alcoholism for years.

The Reverend Tim Rich, his diocese assistant, said that the news surprised him and many other clergy members. “We did not see it in any way impact his ministry,” Rich said. Diocesan leaders praised the bishop’s courage, releasing a statement that said: “We commend him for his courageous example to us all, as we pray daily for him and for his ministry among us.”

Robinson’s consecration in 2003 caused upheaval in the global Anglican Communion as well as the US Episcopal Church. The resulting months caused several bishops from across the United States to voice their disproval of his appointment. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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