London gay serial killer plans Civil Union behind bars

Danny McCoy | January 17, 2006

William Beggs
LONDON — Gay serial killer William Beggs will have a civil partnership with his boyfriend in what is believed to be the first gay union behind bars anywhere in the world, a London news service is reporting.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service told the Sunday Mail that officials are powerless to stop the partnership from going ahead but have refused to allow the couple to share a cell.

Beggs was found guilty of murder in the 1987 death of a gay homeless man. In 1992, he killed another gay man he met in a Glasgow bar. His most notorious killing was the rape and murder of a store clerk in 1999.

Since his incarceration Beggs, now 42, has been studying law books. He is currently working on an appeal of his sentence.

When he announced to friends he was going to have a civil partnership, he said that if authorities try to stop him, he'd go to court.

Beggs has suggested he may still seek court action to have his partner moved into his cell. The partner is described by authorities as a 43 year old jailed on charges of having sex with minors. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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