UK gay marriage boom

November 28, 2005

LONDON — Gay Times and Diva magazines in partnership with Out Now Consulting have undertaken the most comprehensive independent analysis of lesbian and gay lifestyles, experiences and social attitudes in the UK.

Results were analyzed this month and it seems that a gay marriage boom is in the works.

As the new Civil Partnership Bill for gays and lesbians becomes law on December 5th, the report reveals that there will be an explosion of happy couples registering their partnership, marrying and even celebrating their union with honeymoons.

"There are nearly three million lesbians and gays in the UK and up to 70% of them are in a committed relationship with many intending to register their Civil Partnerships with municipal authorities," said Ian Johnson, director of Out Now and author of the report.

"The results of the Out Now 2005 Diva and Gay Times Readers Surveys indicate a total of up to 274,000 couples in the UK are expected to marry after the laws take effect, which means that gay honeymoons are going to boom and become as much as a 600 million pound (USD$1.03 billion) new market opportunity.

The travel industry should be educating themselves now to understand how to better position their products to attract this lucrative new market. Most airlines, hotels and destinations in the US, Europe and around the world are yet to understand the impact this new market segment can have on their businesses.

The travel industry globally needs to prepare for this if they want to tap into this new 600 million pound UK gay honeymooners market opportunity. Tourism businesses can look at tailoring their gay marketing strategies by investing in the areas of market research, product and service delivery, staff training and improved advertising if they are going to ensure they share in these profits." – Information courtesy of the "Out Now Consulting 2005 Gay Times and Diva Reader Surveys" – Issued by Gay Link Content

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