UK gay football stars are too scared to come out

Benjamin Cohen | November 02, 2005

LONDON — There are at least two gay Premiership football stars that are gay, but are too afraid to come out. At least that�s what Stonewall FC, the leading gay football team claim.

Andrew Walmsley, the chairman of Stonewall FC, said the gay stars were staying quiet about their sexuality due to a deal of abuse from fans and fellow players.

Mr Walmsley, in an interview in today�s Sun said, �Stonewall players have known high profile players, not actually had a relationship with them, but known they are gay. They have to stay low key. It�s not even an option to come out.�

The comments come as the Football Association launch a campaign against homophobia in the �beautiful game�. They held a summit on the issue yesterday.

Former Nottingham Forest striker Justin Fashanu was Britain�s first openly gay Premiership player. Following cruel homophobic abuse from the terraces, he committed suicide in 1998.

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