Spain to hear gay marriage opposition

Angela D�Amboise | November 02, 2005

MADRID — One of Spain�s highest courts has agreed to hear a challenge to the country�s gay marriage laws, which came into effect earlier this year despite the country�s close ties to the Catholic Church.

The Constitutional Court made the decision on Friday, after it was asked by opposition parties to decide if the laws are illegal. Gay marriage was legalized in the country in June to the dismay of religious and conservative leaders.

However, it was backed by MPs and the majority of Spaniards.

Opponents now say the new laws will undermine traditional marriage, which they believe should only be open to heterosexual couples.They originally asked the court to consider the case in September.

Despite the decision, both the government and gay rights campaigners say they believe the laws will be upheld. Although controversial, they were backed by parliament after campaigners said the changes were important in the fight against social injustice.

Spain is one of only of four countries to fully legalize gay marriage. The Netherlands and Belgium were the first to do so, while Canada recently voted in favor of new laws allowing same-sex couples to wed. In the United States, gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts and civil unions are legal in Connecticut and Vermont. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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