Police search Liverpool gay bar after drug illnesses

Benjamin Cohen | October 24, 2005

The police say a rogue batch of drugs may be in circulation
LIVERPOOL — Police searched a gay bar in Liverpool on Monday after three people fell ill after allegedly taking drugs inside the popular, GBar.

Two women, aged 23 and 25 were taken to hospital at 1.30 am on Monday morning after collapsing inside the door. The younger woman was initially classed as being �critically ill� but her health has improved to treatment.

Later, at 4 am on Monday, paramedics were called out to a house in the city to treat a 23 year old man who has also responded well to treatment.

All three are believed to have suffered a reaction to a substance taken on the premises.

Police sealed off the bar just before 2 am on Monday morning and took the details of everyone still inside the venue. A search of the building and an examination of CCTV footage was also undertaken.

In a statement, Merseyside Police said, �We were called to a bar on Eberle Street after reports that two women had become ill after taking what is believed to be an illegal substance. At this stage we do not know if there is a rogue batch of drugs in circulation, or if there is another explanation.

�Either way, if the substance is confirmed to be an illegal drug, it must be investigated.

�The club management co-operated with our officers and a search of the venue is taking place today.�

Andrew Pankhurst, the manager of Gbar, told the Liverpool Daily Post, �We've been open for years and have never had anything happen like this before.�

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