Gay catholic priests to be allowed if they�re celibate

Benjamin Cohen | October 11, 2005

Gay men will allowed to be Roman Catholic priests as long as they can prove that they have been celibate for a minimum of three years.

The Vatican report which was revealed in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera says that the church will ban gays who �publicly manifest their homosexuality or show an overwhelming attraction" to homosexual culture even if it is only intellectually�.

The document is supposed to state �Candidates who show a homosexual tendency will not be allowed into the priesthood unless they can demonstrate that they have been able to remain chaste for at least three years.�

The report comes just a week after the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin told the Christian newspaper, the Tablet, �You don't write off a candidate for the priesthood simply because he is a gay man. We need to provide services of support for these priests and this will involve helping them along their personal journey and reassuring them.�

The Vatican�s current stance on homosexuality dates back to 1961 where a ruling said that being gay was a �perverse inclination�.

In August, the Church of England said that it would allow gay vicars to marry in a civil partnership as long as they promised to be celibate.

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