Terrorist attack in London kills 37

L. A. Vess | July 08, 2005

LONDON, UK — Rush hour in London yesterday morning was horribly interrupted when four blasts tore through the London metro system. Three explosions rocked through the subway and one ripped apart a packed double-decker bus. The first bomb went off at approximately 8:50 a.m. and the remaining explosions occurred during the following hour.

The confirmed number of dead so far is 37, though reports have claimed the number will rise. At least 700 have been reported as injured, many seriously and some reports claim the number of causalities as high as 1,000. A group callings themselves "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe" has claimed responsibility.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, obviously shocked by the attacks, said he believes they were coordinated to coincide with the G-8 summit opening in Scotland. The tragedy is made even more bitter considering that London was selected only the previous day to host the 2012 Olympics, prompting mass celebration throughout the city.

All London metro buses and trains will be checked and the train system has been shut down and will not re-open today, although some buses have been restarted.

Blair, reading a statement from the leaders of the G8 summit, which President Bush is also attending, said: "We shall prevail and they shall not." He continued: "We condemn utterly these barbaric attacks. We send our profound condolences to the victims and their families. All of our countries have suffered from the impact of terrorism. Those responsible have no respect for human life."

U.S. administration officials say they do not believe there is an imminent threat to anyone in America at this time. However, the U.S. threat level has been raised to 'orange' in response to the terrorist attack in London, with emphasis on protecting American transit systems such as subway trains, buses and Amtrak. – Gay Link Content



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