Spain's senate rejects legalized same-sex marriage

Ross von Metzke | June 28, 2005

MADID, Spain — Following months of debate and discussion, members of Spain's Senate voted against plans to introduce marriage rights to lesbian and gay couples in an 131 to 119 vote.

The vote was blocked when the Catalan Christian Democrat party decided to form a voting coalition with the Popular Party, the Reuters news agency reports.

Along with the Catholic Church, the Popular Party has been in strong opposition of the proposals, which were intended to give full marriage and adoption access to same-sex couples.

Members of the party backed a demonstration last weekend against the bill along with senior Catholic bishops, who led the protest. They said they were taking the issue to the streets, in order to force the government to back down on the bill.

Members spearheading the protest invited participation from one of Canada�s senior psychologist to the debate, but were forced to distance themselves from his comments when he said homosexuality was a result of a "violent, hostile, distant or alcoholic father" or "a cold, over-protective mother".

He also claimed gay men were a product of childhood sexual abuse.

In spite of the setback, the gay marriage proposals have already received backing from the Spain's lower house of parliament and are still likely to be passed. They return to the Congress next week.

Surveys suggest the majority of the Spanish public are in support of the legal changes, which were introduced as part of a broad stroke of reform the government promised after election. – Gay Link Content

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