Pride London delighted by increase in mayor's support

May 05, 2005

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone
LONDON — Pride London has announced that the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has increased the support given to Pride this year, with an extra �10,000 for floats and an exhibition promoting Black and Minority Ethnic LGBT groups.

"We are delighted to receive an increase in funding to �40,000 this year," said Stephen Coote, Chair of Pride London, "as this will enable us to improve the parade and rally, and provide support for groups including the Black Gay Men's Advisory Group, The Naz Project, Black Lesbian UK (BLUK), Imaan and many other lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual groups."

"This is a chance to raise some of the issues affecting young black lgb people such as coming to terms with their sexuality," said Simon Nelson, Chair of Prides' BME committee.

"Pride will provide publicity for the social and support groups created especially for them, allowing them to meet their contemporaries, find appropriate role models, and come out in a safe environment."

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said: "It was a wonderful experience taking part in last year's Pride Parade and Rally. There was a tremendous response to the rally being held in Trafalgar Square and I am pleased to support this important community event again. We are increasing the amount of support for the capital's Pride celebrations and I am pleased that Pride London will be reflecting the rich diversity of the capital's lesbian and gay population."

The Pride Day is on Saturday 2 July, and for the first time this year is preceded by the Pride Festival Fortnight, featuring over 185 events, musical productions, movies and theatre premiers. Full day-by-day details are available at www.PrideLondon.org. – Gay Link Content

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