Pope opposed gay and women's rights

Condom ban killed millions

April 04, 2005

Pope John Paul II
"While the Pope's opposition to war and poverty was commendable, his attacks on the human rights of women and gay people were gravely immoral," said Brett Lock, spokesperson for the gay human rights group, OutRage!

"His rejection of life-saving condoms contributed to the deaths of millions from Aids.

"He could have said it was the moral duty of Catholics to stop the spread of HIV. Endorsing the use of condoms would have saved lives.

"Despite over 40 million people being infected worldwide with HIV, the Pope turned his back on a proven method of stopping virus transmission.

"Last year, he even authorised the Vatican lie that condoms spread Aids by allowing HIV to pass through the rubber. This scare-mongering falsehood is refuted by medical science.

Commenting on the Pope's record and legacy, Peter Tatchell, of the gay human rights group OutRage!, added:

"History will judge the Pope harshly. His opposition to the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV has contributed to millions of people dying an agonising, needless death. Millions of children in developing countries are orphans; having lost their parents to Aids because of the Pope's anti-condom dogma."

"Pope John Paul II waged a ceaseless war against the human rights of women and gay people; opposing the right of women to control their own fertility; blocking women's equality in the church; and endorsing state-sponsored discrimination against lesbians and gay men," said Mr Tatchell.

Mr Lock added:

"Last month, the Pope authorised The Vatican to block recognition of gay human rights by the United Nations, sanctioning continued homophobic persecution in two-thirds of the world."

"His church's advice to parents to seek psychotherapy for their gay children ruined many lives, in some cases leading to long-term depression and even suicide.

"Under his administration, the Vatican protected paedophile priests while persecuting gay clergy.

"Catholic politicians were threatened with excommunication if they supported gay equality or the right of women to control their own bodies.

"He denounced gay people as 'instrinsically disordered' and same-sex relationships as 'evil'.

"We hope his successor will move the Catholic Church towards more enlightened and humane doctrines," Lock added. – OutRage!

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