Gay organization's stance concerning Presidential elections in Ukraine

November 29, 2004

Members of Nash Mir on the Independence Square in Kiev among other people protesting against violation of democracy in Ukraine
KIEV — Nash Mir (Our World) Gay and Lesbian Centre is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization fighting to achieve equal rights and social comfort for homosexual people in our country. We belief that democracy is the only possible way to guarantee our human and civil rights.

As the citizens of Ukraine we saw that recent Presidential elections did not correspond to democratic principals. Various violations and falsifications took place during pre-election campaign, elections itself and afterwards. That is why we didn't accept the results of the elections which were announced officially.

We address to all our friends and colleagues abroad to pay your attention to the political situation in our country. Please inform your government to declare the results of the Presidential elections in Ukraine invalid in order to have influence upon Ukrainian authorities.

We hope that political and social situation in Ukraine will be solved with non-violent measures and our country will continue democratic development.– Issued by Nash Mir

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