Tories demand gay rights for siblings

George Jones | November 09, 2004

LONDON — Tory MPs will call today for the Commons to give brothers and sisters who live together the same rights to exemption from inheritance tax as is being proposed for homosexual couples.

The Civil Partnership Bill introduced by the Government will give gay and lesbian couples who have cohabited in long-term relationships legal rights similar to those currently enjoyed by married couples.

At the moment, homosexuals have no claim on the property they share if their lover dies and they are not registered as a legal owner. Edward Leigh, the Conservative MP for Gainsborough, has tabled an amendment to extend the Bill's provisions to brothers and sisters who live together. He said the Bill was unfair to other unmarried people who lived together – and was a "gay marriage Bill by any other name".

According to a Christian Institute poll, 84 per cent of those questioned said that if homosexual couples received new house-sharing rights, then two sisters who had lived together for 12 years or more should have the same rights.

"The US presidential elections has shown there is an enormous opportunity in British politics for Conservative politicians to stand up for old-fashioned family values," said Mr Leigh. – Issued by UK Telegraph

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