Dutch gay couples win right to compete in ballroom dancing

September 13, 2004

THE HAGUE — The Dutch anti-discrimination board said Friday that the national competitive ballroom dancing association (NADB) should admit gay couples.

"Many dancers are homosexual," the board said in a ruling posted on its website after two dancers that the NADB had banned from competitive events had appealed to it.

"Homosexual and lesbian dancers already take part in competitions at the highest level, it said."

Refusing to allow them to dance as gay couples "is a consequence of the dominant heterosexual norm," it said, "but this is in no sense an even-handed norm."

A board spokesman noted that while its decisions were not legally binding, "they are usually followed."

The Dutch gay and lesbian dancers' association Equality dancE (eds: correct) described the ruling as "a big step forward." – Sapa-AFP

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