Reggae star under police investigation

August 17, 2004

London — The Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service met Monday afternoon to consider legal action against Jamaican reggae star Beenie Man over his songs which incite the murder of lesbians and gay men.

Today�s top-level meeting, with a senior QC, follows a nine month police investigation instigated by the gay human rights group OutRage!.

The police and CPS meeting takes place the same day as Beenie Man's new album, Back to Basics, is released in the UK by Virgin Records.

OutRage! has protested to Virgin Records, and its parent company EMI, over their signing and promoting of Beenie Man. OutRage! condemns him following his call for the �execution� of gay people.

Peter Tatchell of the gay human rights group OutRage!, has written to the President of Virgin Records and the Chief Executive of parent company EMI, Tony Wadsworth.

He points out that four of Beenie Man�s past songs urge listeners to �shoot� and �hang� gay people he abuses as �queers�, �faggots� and �bum-fuckers� (see lyric samples below).

Mr Tatchell�s letters to EMI and Virgin state:

�Despite his so-called apology, these incitement to murder songs are still selling and Beenie Man is still profiteering from his murder music.�

�Inciting murder is a criminal offence�Free speech does not include the right to encourage the criminal act of murder.�

The OutRage! letter calls on Virgin Records to �either cancel Beenie Man�s contract or agree to:

1) Arrange the public broadcast of a video and audio statement by Beenie Man apologising explicitly to the lesbian and gay community for inciting homophobic violence, and
2) Either buy up the rights and existing copies of his songs inciting homophobic murder, or donate all royalties from these songs to a charity that helps the victims of queer-bashing violence�.

Beenie Man�s incitements to murder lesbians and gay men

Beenie Man - Han Up Deh
Hang chi chi gal wid a long piece of rope
Hang lesbians with a long piece of rope

Beenie Man � Damn
I�m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays
I�m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays

Beenie Man - Batty Man Fi Dead (Queers Must Be killed)
All batty man fi dead!
All faggots must be killed!
From you fuck batty den a coppa and lead
If you fuck arse, then you get copper and lead [bullets]
Nuh man nuh fi have a another man in a him bed.
No man must have another man in his bed

Beenie Man - Roll Deep
Roll deep motherfucka, kill pussy-sucker
Roll deep motherfucker, kill pussy-sucker
Pussy-sucker:a lesbian, or anyone who performs cunnilingus.
Tek a Bazooka and kill batty-fucker
Take a bazooka and kill bum-fuckers [gay men]

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