Spanish Bishops reject govt moves on gay marriage

July 21, 2004

MADRID — Spanish bishops on Tuesday said they rejected a plan by the Socialist government elected in March to produce a parliamentary bill aimed at legalising gay marriages.

In a five-page pamphlet entitled In favour of marriage, the bishops said they believed that "two people of the same sex have no right to marry."

The bishops added that: "We have a duty to remind people that marriage is only possible between two people of a different sex, that is, a man and a women.

"Legal recognition of homosexual union and its assimilation with marriage would be a mistake and an injustice," the pamphlet stated.

"We invite Catholics to do what they can within our democratic system to ensure that the laws of our country remain favourable to the one true marriage," the bishops added in terming a same-sex marriage a "legal fiction."

On June 30, a majority of Spanish parliamentarians approved a government bill to modify existing legislation which currently bans same-sex unions. – Sapa-AFP

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