Elections 2004: The queer vote

April 8, 2004

Independent Democrats' Patricia De Lille
There has always been a loyalty to the ANC from gay quarters due to the fact that it was gay activists like Simon Nkoli within the struggle movement, and therefor part of the ANC in most cases, who put the sexual orientation clause on the table and subsequently discrimination on those grounds were banned.

However, it is now 10 years after the fact and we think that other issues are now as important – like HIV/Aids, crime, poverty and corruption.

As a gay constituency we have to look at the broader picture, but also not forget that we are gay and vote accordingly.

After evaluating all the possible choices out there, we have no option but to throw our weight behind the Independent Democrats of Patricia De Lille.

They have the struggle credentials, the track record of anti-corruption and the will to fight in the new struggle of HIV/Aids. The leader of the party as well as ALL 9 candidates for premier posts have gone for public HIV testing in this week, and will make their status public.

The beautiful thing is that they have challenged the President as well as the herb doctor (that one from Health) to take public tests.

The reaction? And this from the presidential spokesman, Bheki Khumalo, as quoted from Independent Newspapers: "We are not interested in these silly shenanigans".

A more cruel answer we can hardly imagine. For this reason alone, Pat should get our vote.

Further, few have noticed that the Number three on their list is an HIV positive woman and our votes can be the deciding factor to get the first openly HIV+ person into parliament.

And if you have not registered or are not going to vote, you have no right to criticise anyone in politics.

We should not forget where we come from and should be active in all public debates. Therefor participate where we have the power as a large constituency – the vote.

It takes only 40 000 votes (out of 20 million registered) to get one person into parliament.

At a conservative estimate of 5% gay voters, we can elect no less than TWENTY parliamentarians! Now there is a goal to work for. – article by Coenie Kukkuk.

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