Vatican slammed over anti-gay UN campaign

March 31, 2004

Rodney Croome
Australia's newly formed national LGBT human rights coalition, the Equal Rights Network, has expressed deep disappointment that Brazil appears unlikely to proceed with a ground-breaking UN resolution on human rights and sexual orientation because of pressure from the Vatican and Islamic Governments.

ERN spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said that the resolution, which was due to be debated in the current session of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, is the most important development in LGBT human rights globally for a decade.

"This resolution holds out the best hope yet of a better life for LGBT people across Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America", Mr Croome said.

"By opposing this resolution the Vatican and the Conference of Islamic States are colluding with, and effectively endorsing, the harassment, gaoling [jailing], torture and execution of LGBT people in many countries."

Mr Croome said ERN will do all it can to support efforts by activists in Geneva who are attempting to find alternate sponsors for the resolution. – For more information: Rodney Croome

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