"Love is one" say Polish gays

February 16, 2004

WARSAW, Poland — A Polish gay rights organization used Feb. 14 to make a statement about gay an lesbian couples, launching a campaign under the theme "Love is One."

The Campaign Against Homophobia organization distributed 19,000 postcards in the Polish capital and four other major cities featuring red hearts and Cupids set against the backdrop of a rainbow and reading, "Lesbians and gays love the same way you do."

"Valentine's Day is seen in a very stereotypical way," said Robert Biedron, leader of the organization. "We want to remind people that lesbians and gays also celebrate Valentine's Day."

Freed from communist-era prohibitions that denied their existence, homosexuals say the promise of greater personal freedom under democracy has collided against the influence of the country's powerful Roman Catholic church.

Leftist lawmakers have submitted to parliament a draft bill allowing gay couples partnership rights, an initiative that has drawn sharp criticism from the church.

The proposed laws would grant gay and lesbian couples joint property and inheritance rights. But it stops short of allowing gap couples to adopt children. – Sapa-AP

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