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Report: British 'Combat 18' neo-nazis active in Poland

December 9, 2003

WARSAW — "Combat 18", the British neo-Nazi group responsible for the 1999 bomb attacks on London immigrant communities and gay clubs, is active in Poland, the leading Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper reported Monday.

Polish special agents recently discovered evidence suggesting Polish neo-Nazis working with Combat 18 were responsible for printing the organisation's "Stormer" propaganda bulletin, the report said.

In simultaneous raids on nine residences in five Polish cities, agents with Poland's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBS), discovered neo-Nazi paraphernalia and copies of "Stormer".

One CBS agent quoted by Gazeta also said he was certain "Stormer" was printed in Poland, although he declined to indicate where. The raids were carried out in connection with intelligence provided by British police.

No arrests were were made, but Polish prosecutors are expected to decide whether to proceed with criminal charges against people found to be in possession of neo-Nazi paraphernalia.

Polish law bans the public propagation of totalitarian ideologies, including fascism.

CBS agents suspect that the hard-disk of a computer belonging to two sons of a Lublin professor known for his far-right rhetoric holds invaluable clues to the scale of neo-Nazi activity in Poland.

The police action in Poland was held in conjunction with similar raids in Germany on 50 locations suspected of neo-Nazi activities.

Ten suspects were arrested.

According to Poland's "Nigdy Wiecej" (Never Again) anti-fascist lobby, 32 people have been killed in Poland by neo-Nazis since 1989. Victims of skin-head violence are most often immigrants, punks or anarchists.

German anti-fascists also allege that explosives which German neo-Nazis planted in a Munich synagogue in September came from Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza reported. –Sapa-DPA

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