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German cannibal says victim wanted to be killed

December 4, 2003

Armin Meiwes, a 42-year-old computer technician and self-confessed cannibal, smiles before the start of his trial, 03 December 2003 at a court in Kassel. Meiwes is accused of murdering a victim who was apparently willing to be killed, carved up and eaten in front of a running video camera.

Undated handout picture shows Armin M. (41) with the man he killed and then ate, Bernd Juergen Brandes. (Photo: AFP/DDP/Pool/Boris Roessler)

KASSEL Germany — A German facing trial for a cannibal murder said in an interview released Tuesday that his victim had wanted to be killed, and that he regretted his actions and would accept his punishment.

However, Armin Meiwes also suggested that he did not regret eating part of the flesh of his allegedly 'willing' accomplice.

"To me it wasn't murder," he told a newspaper in Kassel, central Germany, a day ahead of his trial. "You only commit that against the victim's will.

"He used me as a tool, if you like, I provided him help to die.

"My friend enjoyed dying, death. I only waited horrified for the end after doing the deed. It took so terribly long.

"I still can't understand today why I allowed myself to be talked into it. He wanted even worse, but I refused."

Lawyers for Meiwes, 42, have said they will fight for a charge of "killing on demand." Prosecutors admit that his victim apparently had a death wish, but say the computer technician still killed him for sexual satisfaction.

Asked if he saw his actions as a sin, he told the paper: "It is sin, and I regret the killing. Eating him I see differently, though.

"Through the eating a part of him remains in my memory. I was looking for a friend, a brother type, who would stand as equal to me."

Meiwes has admitted meeting his victim, a 43-year-old Berlin engineer, via the Internet, and inviting him to his house in Rotenburg, near Kassel.

There, prosecutors say, Meiwes sliced off his penis, part of which they ate together, before he stabbed him, carved up the corpse, ate part of the flesh, stored some more in a deep-freeze and buried bones in the garden.

Meiwes blamed his troubled childhood, during which his father walked out on his family, for denying him a solid base which would have helped him overcome what developed into a growing fantasy that he discussed with like-minded souls on the Internet.

"For 30 years we couldn't talk about this problem. Then we met each other, and resolved the problems in our own way."

It was like a constantly-spinning roundabout sucking them ever deeper into the middle until they reached "the end of a spiral. We both only wanted to go forward. There was no going back." Meiwes said he was glad he could now tell the truth. "I acknowledge what I did." –AFP

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