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Baseball attackers jailed for 7 to 21 years after gay bashing

September 29, 2003

Trev Broudy LOS ANGELES — Three men accused of leaving a gay actor brain-damaged after a baseball bat attack in West Hollywood, a largely gay suburb of Los Angeles, were jailed Friday for between seven and 21 years in a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Voice-over artist Trev Broudy, who fell into a coma after the September 1, 2002 assault, told the court before sentencing was pronounced that it was "painful to stand in front of the people who did this to me."

"What you did to me, I will have for the rest of my life ...

because of the hatred you inflicted on me," the 35-year-old actor told his attackers.

He had been struck on the back of the head with a baseball bat after embracing a male friend in the street in the predominantly gay West Hollywood area of the second largest US city.

He suffers memory and vision loss and cannot read or drive as a result of the beating, he told the court.

"You bashed me in the head without even asking for my money. Why would you do that unless you have hatred in your souls?" he asked his attackers.

"I amazingly didn't die. I will survive, and I refuse to be a victim in spite of what you did to me." Broudy criticized prosecutors for having declined to prosecute the attack as a hate crime, saying there was no evidence to suggest it was anything but a robbery.

Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Richard Stone jailed Torwin Sessions, 20, to 21 years in prison, Larry Walker, 30, to 13 years and Vincent Dotson, 19, to seven years.

Sessions – who prosecutors say wielded the bat -- told Broudy he felt "sorry" for the injuries he had sustained, but denied inflicting the injury and insisted the attack was not a hate crime against a gay man.

"I have no evil in my soul. I have no evil in my heart," he said.

Deputy District Attorney Olivia Rosales alleged that Sessions hit Broudy while Walker patted him down for money or other valuables while Dotson drove the car they fled in.

Sessions and Dotson last month pleaded guilty to mayhem and conspiracy to commit robbery and Dotson also pleaded guilty to car theft. –Sapa-AFP



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