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Gossip So Good, It's Got To Be Gay

Ross von Metzke | August 05, 2008

A daytime soap hottie

We're kick starting this week�s Buzz with a daytime soap hottie

Colin Egglesfield is gorgeous. A former Calvin Klein model, the actor just eminates good looks, killer muscle tone and one helluva smile. Gotta say – the subs in the tub pic don�t hurt much either.

Many a model has made the transition to daytime, but few quite so successfully as All My Children's Colin Egglesfield. As son to daytime diva Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), Colin was immediately thrust onto the front burner... and into the pages of People as one of the sexiest bachelors.

Now, he's taking the big screen by storm, in films like Must Love Dogs and the forthcoming James Cameron pic Avatar. A 5.4 on the Richter Scale shook across LaLa land last week, and if I didn�t know any better, I�d say Donna Summer touched down for a landing. Seriously, I know our divas go up a size or two as they get older, but Donna looks like she ate Chaka.

On the road promoting her latest single �Stamp Your Feet� – she better not – Donna turned up in this hideous dress at an Atlantic City concert stop.

TMZ.com dubbed her Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and while I�d argue this gown is really more a lavender or a violet – and resembles something you�d just wrap yourself in on the way out of Yardage Town – I�d say the gossip site is right on the money.

Think long and flowy next time Donna.

Of course, some celebs have managed to cause an earthquake all their own last week, so to speak.

Let me ask you this – why is it that when Lindsay Lohan crashes a car while under the influence of booze or pills, she�s the town pariah while Shia LaBeouf gets a pat on the back because someone overheard him tell an onlooker he wasn�t going to flee the scene of the accident because he needed to �stay and deal with this.�

He flipped his fucking car on Fountain and LaBrea – where the hell�s he gonna go?

I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that Lindsay�s drunk and disorderly behavior started before she was even legal – she basically went from the set of Mean Girls straight to the local pub. But seriously, what a double standard. Does it really matter who was at fault in the accident?

Shia was drunk, it�s not the first time, he�s consistently shown himself to be a mouthy little prick – to staff members at Walgreens, in that YouTube video where he called his friend a faggot – and yet here he is, wrapping production of a headlining action flick, on the sequel to Transformers, and Lindsay�s scraping for supporting work in indie projects.

Such a double standard!

Maybe they should make a movie together. They can play two Hollywood teens who are already drying out and trying to reinvent themselves at 21. Total method acting!

Since we�re already wading through the drama that is young Hollywood, why not just continue down that road with some discussion of this Katy Perry/Miley Cyrus feud.

I�m just gonna say it – I hate Miley. She�s 15 and she already sounds like a drunken trucker.

I don�t care how much her daddy wants us to think she�s your average, well-adjusted teen. She�s a bitch.

So Katy – who�s riding high on the success of her little summer love anthem �I Kissed a Girl� – makes this slightly innocent, slightly headline hungry suggestion that perhaps she and Miley should pull a Madonna/Britney (why does everyone conveniently forget she made out with Christina Aguilera too) and make out on stage.

Maybe Miley is too young to see the humor in that. Instead, she had a totally bitchy retort, suggesting Katy was just out to get her because Katy sang backup on a few of her tunes and she was jealous.

Jealous? Of what? Get over yourself, Miley. If Katy Perry sucks so much, why the hell did you record two of her songs for your new album? She can write a hit, she just can�t lick your tit? Is that it?

I seriously didn�t just mean to rhyme three times!

I think Katy got the last laugh though. Not only is her mucho lesbiano anthem enjoying its sixth week at number one, she felt compelled to remind Miley of that in her oh so bitchy reply.


On the subject of gay for pay, Antonio Sabato Jr. – who just joined the cast of Soap Net�s General Hospital: Night Shit – dropped by Chelsea Lately this week to talk about his new character on the show. And after Chelsea Handler aired a clip, she asked if his character was gay or stupid, because based on his body language, he looked like both.

Antonio wouldn�t answer.

So Chelsea asked him what he�d do if he had to pick?

He wouldn�t answer – said he had to be political.

Even after Chelsea told him to say gay, he wouldn�t answer.

What the hell, Antonio? Just because you say you�d rather be gay doesn�t mean you are gay. We know you aren�t gay. If you were gay, you�d have said something by now, because your career has been over for a decade and that would have been a sure fire way to stage a comeback.

I love how Antonio will lob out his dick in a gay flick but he wont tell Chelsea Handler he�d rather play gay than stupid.

How bout we solve this one for him? Frankly, Antonio, I don�t wanna see you play gay or stupid? Just show us ur cock!

And on that note, I�m out! Til next time folks, remember� take time to stop and smell the gossip! – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Entertainment Editor of Gay Web Monkey and GayWired.com. The former Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine, his work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Link. Ross lives in Los Angeles.

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