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Hot guys: Glenn Douglas Packard

July 28, 2008

Nothing makes us cringe more than the words “gay best friend” as it pertains to TV – especially when said gay is the BFF on a reality show – but something about Glenn Douglas Packard is different.

First off, there’s no big coming out episode – he’s already out. Secondly, the whole catty, sex-obsessed corner reality show producers like to paint their gay characters into doesn’t fly with Glenn – happily coupled for three years, he’s the wiser, self-confident ying to Brooke Hogan’s yang on her new fish out of water series Brooke Knows Best.

A friend of the Hogans and Brooke’s choreographer for years, Packard’s come a long way from his days growing up on the farm in Michigan. Dreams of becoming a professional/choreographer seemed out of reach, and then almost ended forever when a tractor accident and subsequent infection that spread across his right leg left him hospitalized for a year. The 19-year-old vowed if he ever recovered he’d follow his dreams and enroll in dance school.

Pink, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child are among the A-list stars who can be thankful Packard recovered. The in-demand choreographer has worked with the music industry’s elite, and now, after a few years spent pondering his next move, reality TV fans can see what the dance industry’s been buzzing about for years.

On Being Openly Gay on a Reality Show: “I did have concerns when I first went into it; I figured they probably wouldn’t find me to be the gay man they wanted to have on the show. I like to call myself a traditionalist gay man. I’m very relationship oriented. You’ll always seem me trying to help [Brooke] find a guy… But it was really something I had to think about because I was always a family secret. Me coming from a small town in Michigan, my mother and father chose for me to keep it secret. But then I got this show, and I had to tell them, ‘My life’s gonna be recorded on TV.’”

On Growing up in Rural Michigan: “I live on a dirt road. The Amish people are our neighbors. Parents still control what children watch on TV, so I didn’t know that there were other people out there like me growing up. That was another reason I decided to do the show. I know there are a lot of other people out there like that, and this is a way of showing them that they’re not alone.”

On Being Openly Gay (But Behind the Scenes) in the Music Industry: “I’ve always been able to be who I am, and I’ve always been able to be around a city and an environment where it’s very accepting. But when I worked, I worked. I wasn’t there grabbing my boyfriend and making out with him in front of Whitney Houston. I was working, so it didn’t have to be an issue. I don’t mix business and pleasure.”

On his Friendship with Brooke Hogan: “Brooke is one of the first people I’ve worked with who I’ve actually let in my life. For a long time the Hogans didn’t know I was gay, but that’s just because I never thought it was important. I was with them a few years before I finally told them, and of course, Nick goes, ‘I knew it.’ I think Brooke was a bit surprised, because we were so close. But on the show, what you see is what you get. She’s one of my closets friends. I do look out for her and vice versa.”

On Working With Lou Pearlman (Boy Band Svengali behind Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync who was Sentenced to 25 Years in Jail for Money Laundering): “A lot of people have been asking me about that lately. I always say I’ll write about it in the book. I was thinking the other day – I’ve been through Lou Pearlman drama, this Hogan stuff, 9/11, I was involved in the Michael Jackson saga, almost losing my legs… I’ve had this Forrest Gump like life. This small town country boy has seen the world, met all these people and saw the world. But yeah… I think Lou got what he had coming to him.”

On Having a Relationship Played Out on Television: “He came around toward the end of the season – his name’s Willie Gomez, he’s a dancer. We actually did the red carpet… we did our first big kiss and everything for the camera. He was dancing on a ship while I was shooting, so hopefully in season two we’ll get to see more of us.”

For more information on Glenn, visit www.GlennDouglasPackard.com. – Gay Link Content

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