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Lindsay Lohan finally admitting to lesbian love?

Ann Turner | July 08, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson
Recovering alcoholic and long rumored lesbian Lindsay Lohan may not quite have come out of the closet yet, but she seems to be edging closer to the door every day. Lohan spent her 22nd birthday enjoying a cozy trip to Disneyland with DJ Samantha Ronson and told friends she hopes to spend the next year being �with the person I care about." Meanwhile, Ronson updated her MySpace photo gallery this week with photos featuring her and Lohan kissing at a party in May.

According to the Daily Mail, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had a blast riding roller coasters and playing around at Disneyland for Lohan�s 22nd birthday. After a day of G-rated run, Lohan and Ronson attended a swank party at the Los Angeles club Teddy�s. Among the guests at the affair were celebrity Lohan pals Jamie Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) and Nicole Richie. During the evening, Lohan and Ronson were reportedly inseparable except while the DJ was spinning tunes to entertain the guests.

When asked by friends what her hopes are for the coming year, Lohan replied that she just wants to �live a happy, health year and continue on the path I�ve been on and be with the person I care about and my family.� Several news outlets jumped on the ambiguous statement, proclaiming that Lohan had finally declared her �lesbian love� for DJ Sam.

An unidentified �pal� of Lohan reportedly told the Daily Mirror that the pop starlet and Ronson �have been shacked up in Lindsay�s place and they spend weekends like a married couple going to the supermarket together.� The �couple� were spotted once again this week hanging out at the Chin Chin restaurant on Sunset Strip before picking out DVDs at a nearby video store.

As rumors and speculation continue to circulate about her relationship with Lohan, Ronson took the cheeky move of posting an infamous photo of the two kissing at a party in May on her MySpace page.

The photo, taken on Diddy�s yacht in Cannes, was recently uploaded into Ronson�s photo galleries, prompting the New York Daily News to say the action might indicate the two may indeed be �more than just friends.� However, as Daily News writer Nicole Carter states: �Of course, she could just be messing with us.� Gay Link Content

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