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Hot guys: Nick Adams

July 07, 2008

Six months ago, if you’d said the name Nick Adams to much of anyone outside of Broadway’s theatre community, they wouldn’t have known who the hell you were talking about. Cue Mario Lopez, who joined Broadway's A Chorus Line earlier this year to rave reviews – and widespread media gossip he’s feuding with his younger, equally toned co-star… you guessed it, Nick Adams.

The 25-year-old Broadway veteran (since graduating college three short years ago he’s done Chicago, The Pirate Queen and, now, Chorus Line) made headlines when gossip columns began to suggest Lopez was jealous of his co-star’s body of… well, just his body really. New York papers started polling people and named Nick’s the 'Best Biceps on Broadway'. Underwear giant 2xist came calling and cast Nick in their summer campaign. In Touch ran photos. So did the New York Post. And E! talk show host Chelsea Handler practically drooled over the toned stud on her gab fest, Chelsea Lately.

The rumors of a feud with Mario, Nick assures, are vastly overblown – but as his more seasoned co-star advises, ‘It’s all press,’ so Nick’s managed to take the attention all in his stride.

The day after Nick caused still more jaws to drop by taking it all off – yes everything – for New York charity gig 'Broadway Bares', we caught up with Nick to talk about his quickly exploding career, and to name him the first in our series of “hot guys”

On Rumors He’s at Odds With Co-Star Mario Lopez: “We’re actually really good friends. We work out together a couple of times a week and we laugh about all the rumors that we’re feuding, we hate each other and there’s all this tension backstage. It all started because they changed my costume when he joined the show, but there’s no feud.”

On Landing the 2xist Underwear Campaign: “Some of my motivation to start working out when I was in college was – I wanted to be on an underwear box [laughs], so I’m glad that goal’s been realized.”

On the Work that Goes Into His Flawless Physique: “I go to the gym every day, I don’t ever take a day off. I don’t work the same body parts every day. When I was a freshman in college, I was 6 feet and 135 pounds. So I was pretty skinny.

"Now I weigh 176 – I have to constantly eat. I went through periods where I was drinking protein shakes before bed that made me feel like I was gonna throw up. But I don’t do any chemicals. I’m conscious about what I put into my body. But for friends who knew me in high-scool and see me now, they’re like, ‘What the hell?’

On Why He’s Dedicated to Pursuing a Career in Theatre: “I grew up doing musical theatre, so that seemed like the right fit right out of school for me. When I came to New York right out of college a few years ago, I got a show within two weeks and I haven’t stopped working since I got here in musicals, so that’s been my bread and butter. TV and film is something I’ve always wanted to pursue, so I’m excited by what’s to come after Chorus Line closes.

On Taking it All Off for Broadway Bares: “It’s such a great event. I had so much fun. It raises a whole bunch of money for Broadway Cares and Equity Fights AIDS. I sort of take on a different persona during Broadway Bares [laughs].

I get into whatever character they give me for the number – I’m always surprised when I watch the DVD afterwards. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s me. OK.’ It’s for such a good organization, I don’t really have any qualms about getting naked.

On His Mom Seeing Him in the Tabloids… and in his Undies: “I had no idea I’d be in In Touch magazine, or have my parents calling from the grocery store to tell me I’m in a tabloid. That’s been a little overwhelming. But they’re so excited, they can’t get over it. I think it’s sort of a shock to them to see my name and pictures of me in my underwear.” Gay Link Content

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