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David and Victoria Beckham: The musical?

Jonas Oliver | July 07, 2008

LONDON — She is an erstwhile singer, fashionista and rising designer. He’s a superstar football player with the star power of a Hollywood box-office magnet. Together they have been making a sensation around the globe for nearly a decade and now they are about to become the subject of a unique new drama.

David and Victoria Beckham have earned more headlines and more attention from the paparazzi than almost any other celebrity couple in the world, but does that make their heady, jet-set lifestyle worthy of a musical?

At least one Dublin-based theatre company thinks so.

Long Road Productions is in the processing of putting together what they describe as a "wild comedy romp" about Posh and Becks. The production will reportedly be titled MacBecks and will draw inspiration from the works of William Shakespeare.

According to HolyMoly.Co.uk, Ronan Smith, one of the producers behind the show said of the project:

“We’re very excited by the script. It borrows from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, King Lear and Romeo & Juliet."

Now how often have you ever heard Shakespeare mentioned in the same breath with the Beckhams?

No word yet on when (or if) this satirical production will actually hit the Irish stage, but something tells me the Beckhams will not be so amused by it.

Can’t you just smell a lawsuit brewing? Gay Link Content

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