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Sharon Tate killer Susan Atkins �near death�, may be paroled

Angela D'Amboise | June 17, 2008

Sharon Tate
SAN JOSE — Given mere months to live by a prison doctor, Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins is being considered for �compassionate release� from prison. She was convicted in the 1969 murder of actress Sharon Tate.

According to the Associated Press, doctors have determined the 59-year-old Atkins is �terminally ill� and have given her only a few months to live. No other details on her health were offered.

The corrections department is reviewing Atkins� request, which would grant her early release so she can die with loved ones at her own expense. If approved, the request would then go to the state Board of Parole, which has the power to release Atkins under state law.

Granting such releases is very rare. Only 10 of the 60 requests made last year were granted, according to state corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton.

Atkins was once a leader of Manson�s hippie �family� of young killers who broke into the Beverly Hills home of director Roman Polanski 39 years ago and brutally murdered Tate, who was married to the director and pregnant at the time, along with four others.

The following night, they stabbed and killed a wealthy Los Angeles couple in their home.

This would be Atkins� 12th request for parole. Her last request was denied in 2005. Gay Link Content

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