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Lindsay and Samantha �Make a cute couple,� says DJ's brother

Angela D'Amboise | June 12, 2008

Dina Lohan has said she supports her daughter no matter who she chooses to love. Lindsay Lohan�s father Michael took it a step further, confirming his daughter is indeed dating DJ Samantha Ronson and that her decision is �between her and God.�

Now another family member is coming out and confirming the two are lovers. According to ShowbizSpy.com, producer Mark Ronson has told the press, "My sister and Lindsay make a cute couple, don�t they?"

It�s the latest fuel to the gossip fire Lohan and Ronson have created. The pair have been friends for years, Ronson often by Lohan�s side as paparazzi snapped her indulging in booze and drug-fueled nights on the town prior to last year�s stint in rehab.

In recent months, their outings have been decidedly more low key. Paps have snapped the pair grocery shopping and on movie sets – one photo circulating the Web shows the two in what appears to be a passionate lip lock.

So far, neither girl has confirmed a relationship, but the press seems to think that if Lohan is indeed bisexual or gay, she�ll have an easier time of it than many of her male counterparts.

According to CNN.com, studies show that Americans are more accepting of two women in a relationship than two men. An article by the news source also indicates that on the heels of the wild child behavior Lohan�s exhibited since rising to fame in the smash hit Mean Girls, being gay would be considered mild. Gay Link Content

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