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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Ann Turner | June 06, 2008

Lesbian lust icon Gina Gershon

As eye-bleaching as that image is, apparently there might just be a possibility the former Bound babe has been hooking up with the notoriously lecherous former president. A recent Vanity Fair article has implied that Clinton and Gershon might have more than a passing acquaintance. In fact, the article rather pushes the idea that Gershon is one of many women Clinton has been shagging over the years. Sadly, since the former president has a history of totally being guilty of exactly that offense, it�s hard to discount the rumor entirely.

But really, we hope Gina has better taste than that. According to her lawyers, who Gershon has sicked on Vanity Fair, she says she does. In a letter to Vanity Fair obtained by TMZ.com, Gershon slams the magazine for implying she had any kind of romantic relationship with Clinton. The actress insists that she�s only met the former president a few times, in public, surrounded by other people.

�Rumor mongering was substituted for fact-checking. It is apparent that Vanity Fair was intent upon publishing unsubstantiated rumors, and that it avoided learning the true facts so that the truth would not get in the way,� Gershon�s lawyer, Lynda Goldman of Lavely & Singer, wrote in the letter. �Such conduct is reckless and malicious, giving rise to substantial liability for defamation,� she added.

Gershon is demanding a retraction from Vanity Fair and a �sincere apology�. Clinton, meanwhile, has called the Vanity Fair journalist, Todd Purdum, �sleazy,� �dishonest,� �slimy,� and a �scumbag.� Tell us how you really feel, Bill.

Speaking of the Clintons, poor Hillary looks about done with her quest for the presidency. Although she still has not officially conceded the Democratic race against Barack Obama, the fat lady can already be heard rehearsing from the wings. While personally I wouldn�t mind seeing an Obama/Clinton ticket, the likelihood of that happening is probably zero to none. While Clinton has said she�d be �open� to the idea, Obama seems to find the very thought terrifyingly horrid. Perhaps Hills is holding out to the last minute to try to force the issue, but Obama�s a slick character and it seems doubtful he�s going to agree to having such a strong personality with the potential to outshine him sharing his election campaign in November.

So if Hillary doesn�t manage to worm her way back into the White House race somehow, where does she go from here? Well, there�s always her job as a Senator, I�m sure congress (and her constituents) would love to see at least one campaigning Senator get back to doing their real jobs. And Obama might just offer her some tasty cabinet position to get her support for November. But what we�d most like to see, if Hillary Clinton is truly down to her last gasp in the Democratic contest, is for her to go ahead and come out – loud and proud!

Okay, so the former First Lady has dealt with the gay rumors for years, and they may or may not have any truth to them. But wouldn�t it be fun? If she did finally fess up to banging that gorgeous assistant of hers (who is at her house at all hours), wouldn�t that be liberating? I�d love to see the queer community thumb their nose at the populace and say look! You almost put a dyke in the White House! Woohoo!

Snowball�s chance in hell, but it is delightful to fantasize.

The tabloids and Hollywood gossip mongers were all up in arms earlier this week when the news leaked (via Entertainment Tonight) that Angelina Jolie had popped out twin girls. First, everyone started screaming about the joyful news – even though the babies would have been quite premature. Then, Jolie�s camp shot back that no babies had been birthed and that Jolie was quite happily still pregnant and not expecting until July.

The did she/did she not spawn rumors have flown back and forth for days. One gossip site swearing she did, another swearing she didn�t. Entertainment Tonight has still refused to back down from their initial report of the early birth, but most media outlets seem to agree at this point that the rumor is not true. Jolie�s lawyers, in fact, sent out dozens of letters to the press on Monday saying that some �random individual has engaged in a scheme to intentionally harm my client and deceive her fans� by spreading the rumor.

According to the lawyers, someone impersonating Jolie�s assistant had told Entertainment Tonight that she had been in the room with the movie star when she gave birth. That in itself should have been a red flag. Why on earth would mega-stars Brad and Angie have had their �assistant� in the room with them while they welcomed their new babies into the world? Come on, that�s just stupid.

The article about the birth was taken down from the Entertainment Tonight web site, though they are officially still �waiting to see how this story plays out.�

In even sillier news, Lindsay Lohan�s presumed lover, Samantha Ronson, has gotten her ass handed to her by gossip monger Perez Hilton. Ronson sued the Hollywood blogger for a story he posted on his web site accusing her of planting drugs found in Lohan�s car after a crash in May, 2007. Ronson had wanted Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira) found guilty of libel and defamation. But, for the second time, her case was thrown out by a Los Angeles judge.

Ronson�s first court appearance last November resulted in a whole lot of nothing except legal fees for the DJ. This time around, the Hollywood hanger-on tried to convince a judge that her former lawyer had screwed up her case. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle shrugged off her accusations and ruled that whether or not the lawyer had mucked up her suit, Ronson was represented equally by a second lawyer and she failed to present any relevant new information.

"Samantha Ronson tried to point the finger at Perez Hilton and now tries to point the finger at her own former lawyer," said Hilton's attorney, Bryan J. Freedman. "It's time for her to look in the mirror when she is looking for someone else to blame for her predicament."

Although we can�t really cheer for anyone as power-hungry, smarmy and lacking in morality as Perez Hilton, we have to agree that Ronson was pretty much asking for a smackdown for instigating such pointless litigation.

On a lighter note, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon took a moment during her promotion of the big screen version of the series to have a chuckle over her partner�s butch fashion sense. Poor Cynthia said she�s tried to have a little fun in dressing her partner, to very little success. It seems the lovely red-headed actress bought her partner Christine Marinoni a lovely pair of cowboy boots – but Marinoni gave her a �hell no!� when she got the present.

Why? They were from the women�s department. �She only wears men�s clothes,� Nixon said. �She won�t even wear any kind of women�s shoes.� Marinoni�s response to getting girly cowboy boots was summed up in one succinct four word phrase, according to Nixon. �Don�t do this again.�

Hey, Cynthia, be glad your partner prefers to butch it up. Otherwise you�d be fighting over everything from shoes to makeup to Prada bags. This way, you know when you find that perfect shade of lipstick, you�re not going to end up in a two hour argument in which your partner SWEARS she was the one who bought it, it�s HER perfect shade of lipwear and YOU are obviously delusional. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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