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CNN guest compares Ellen and Portia to polygamist wives

Ross von Metzke | May 22, 2008

Ellen and Portia
In the aftermath of California�s historic Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, talk show host Ellen Degeneres announced to a packed studio audience of her daytime gab fest that she would, at long last, marry her longtime partner Portia DeRossi.

Cue the commentators.

On Monday night�s Showbiz Tonight on CNN, Page One Q reported that Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America spoke out about redefining marriage, comparing Ellen and Portia�s pending nuptials to what recently went down at the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint polygamist compound in Texas.

�We need to look at the consequences of that and we can look at the polygamy community in Texas,� Wright said. �There are consequences. When you redefine marriage to mean anything it can mean nothing. Once you start breaking down and claim that marriage can be something other than between one man and one woman, you do open the doors to it being anything.�

That same day, over on FOX News, an advertising expert suggested Degeneres might put her show out of business by making such a risky announcement on the air. Laura Ries implied Degeneres might alienate advertisers and viewers by tying the knot, according to Queerty.com

Later, Fox overnight host Greg Gutfeld said Degeneres should keep her wedding plans to herself, and that speaking about it was the equivalent of talking about a bowel movement on the air. Gay Link Content

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