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Ellen and Portia plan to marry in California

Ann Turner | May 19, 2008

Ellen and Portia
LOS ANGELES — At least one celebrity couple is planning to take advantage of Thursday�s ruling by the California Supreme Court declaring the ban of same-sex marriage in the state to be unconstitutional. Daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi have announced plans to wed as soon as the ban on gay and lesbian marriage is lifted.

DeGeneres announced her plans to wed de Rossi during a live taping of her talk show on Thursday, shortly after the California Supreme Court ruling was handed down. De Rossi was in the studio when DeGeneres made the announcement, which was met by loud cheers and a standing ovation of applause by audience members.

Ellen, 50 and former Ally McBeal star de Rossi, 35, have been together for four years. In an interview with The Advocate, DeGeneres said she was ready to get walk down the aisle after hearing of the Supreme Court�s ruling.

�I�m thrilled that the California Supreme Court overturned the ban on gay marriage,� DeGeneres said. �I can�t wait to get married. We all deserve the same rights, and I believe that someday� not allowing gays to marry will seem as absurd as not allowing women to vote.�

According to the National Enquirer, an unidentified source said that "Portia demanded that Ellen marry her" shortly after DeGeneres hosted the Oscars. "After lots of talk and plenty of hints, Portia finally confronted Ellen right after the Oscars about making a commitment."

Thursday�s decision by the California Supreme Court to grant equal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples means same-sex marriages can begin happening in the state as soon as 30 days after the ruling. No official word as yet on whether DeGeneres and de Rossi have a specific wedding date in mind. Gay Link Content

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