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Rob Lowe nanny Jessica Gibson alleges abuse

Lowes claim she used drugs

Angela D'Amboise | April 16, 2008

Rob Lowe
LOS ANGELES — Claims by a former nanny for Rob Lowe�s children that The West Wing actor sexually harassed and assaulted her multiple times throughout her employment got uglier this week as MSNBC reports the actor has filed a counter civil suit.

Jessica Gibson claims she kept working for the Lowes because she needed the work and always thought it might get better. In response, Rob Lowe filed a civil suit, claiming Gibson and two other ex-employees have violated a confidentiality agreement.

�I love the children, I needed the job, and I always thought it would get better – and I was scared,� Gibson told The Today Show�s Meredith Vieira Tuesday morning, the day after she filed a countersuit against the actor and his makeup artist wife, Sheryl Berkoff.

Hollywood powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred has taken on Gibson�s case, telling The Today Show, �a lot of people in her position are scared to go against someone who is rich and powerful and a famous celebrity such as Rob Lowe.�

Gibson left her job with the Lowes for good on February 24, but according to the actor, that was after leaving her post twice before and subsequently asking for her job back. According to the actor, Gibson sent an email following her departure in February saying her reason for leaving had nothing to do with the family.

Lowe claims in his suit that Gibson subsequently demanded $1.5 million to keep quiet about alleged abuse. Lowe also claims Gibson frequently used their homes in Santa Barbara and London for sexual liaisons and frequently took drugs while looking after the children.

The Lowes� lawyer, Stanton �Larry� Stein, claims his clients filed suit as a pre-emptive strike following Gibson�s allegations. Allred has asked to take depositions from the couple on May 19 and 20.

�We are looking forward to sitting across the table from him,� she told MSNBC. �Jessica will be there, and I�ll be there eyeballing him.� Gay Link Content

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