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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | February 01, 2008

Tina Fey All the buzz from the SAG awards

Thanks to the blasted writers' strike the Golden Globes sagged but the SAG's didn't suck when the Writers Guild of America gave its acting brothers and sisters a pass! A-Listers abounded at last week's Screen Actors' Guild Awards, where actors patted themselves – and occasionally one another – on their collective backs. Finally, with last week's Oscar nominee announcements and a full-on SAG Awards show, celebrity gawkers and star f***ers alike might finally get their high holy day.

Empress Angelina of the Holy Order of Perhaps Pregnant, Queen Cate Blanchett, Baby Dyke in training Ellen Page, French babe and Edith Piaf channeler Marion Cotillard and Hot-assed Cougar Julie Christie vied for the verbose title of "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role." The iconic Brit, Christie walked away with the award for her role in Sarah Polley's Away From Her, pretty much sealing Christie as a shoo-in to take home the golden, anatomically incorrect man, come Academy Awards night.

Julie Christie in Away from Her - Photo: � Capri Releasing
Queen of the Hot Nerds, Tina Fey – sans spectacles – won the "Actor" for her adorably neurotic, alter ego Liz Lemon, on 30 Rock. A writer to the core, Tina down-played her acting ability, likening herself to a "hat-rack" next to her frequent scene partner, the hilarious Alec Baldwin. First, I'd hang my hat on Tina any time and second, it's cute for now but Tina had better embrace her superpowers. That self-effacing egoless-ness won't be so adorable after all the awards she's poised to pull down.

Big Babe and fence-sitting Sapphic Sis, Queen Latifah won a SAG for her role in the HBO film, Life Support, against the magnificent Vanessa Redgrave, no less – and Queen couldn't be bothered to show up. Maybe Queen was too tied up privately thanking her "personal trainer" and "longtime companion" Jeanette for being so bad at personal training that the Queen landed that likely multi-million dollar Jenny Craig campaign. Or maybe Jenny Craig threw down the gauntlet and told Queen she'd better not be caught in public chowing down on anything but Jenny's pre-packaged, carbohydrate-laden crap.

The inimitable Edie Falco pulled in the acting award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Drama, for her unflinching mama bear protecting her cubs as Carmela Soprano. Her acting ability not withstanding, I'm pretty sure Edie's won her slew of awards in part for having to climb into bed with and roll around on Big Jim Gandolfini. There's got to be combat pay for riding that hunk of man meat�

Edie Falco in The Sopranos - Photo � HBO
On the boys' side, Penelope Cruz's two-time co-star and hot hunk of man meat, Javier Bardem, won a Best Supporting award for scaring the be-Jesus out of movie goers as a psycho-path in the Coen Brothers' latest opus, No Country for Old Men.

Meanwhile, in the evening's most moving and classy moment, Daniel Day Lewis, who won for his scenery chewing in There Will Be Blood, dedicated his award to the memory of Heath Ledger. A longtime lesbian fave since he played a blonde-tipped gay punk in 1985's My Beautiful Launderette, Day-Lewis gets an honorary gay gal pass.

The Oscar nominations were announced last week and the Academy has turned its back on Hot-assed Humanitarian Angelina. While the pornographically hot-lipped actress nabbed Golden Globe and SAG noms, the Academy opted to nominate Lovely Laura Linney over the pseudo-blackfaced Angie in her pet project A Mighty Heart.

A note to actresses with passion projects. The over-the-hill, good-ole-boy Academy shuts out the gals with pet projects – like Oprah and Beloved and Babs Streisand with The Prince of Tides – while it continually rewards the boys� ie� any dumbass, melo-dramatic piece of crap Clint Eastwood has ever made.

Queen Cate Blanchett's pulled in dual Oscar noms for Elizabeth: The Golden Age and for her scene-stealing portrayal of Bobby Dylan in I'm Not There, thus sealing her fate as this year's Julianne Moore and ensuring a split vote and dual losses. But unlike Julianne, Cate's already got a golden man under her belt.

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There - Photo: � Killer Films
After nearly 20 years Roseanne's sister Jackie comes out! Okay, not really, but Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne's lesbian-leaning sis Jackie on the hit sitcom, plays it gay as a speechwriter for a Nathan Lane's lame duck president in David Mamet's November at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater.

Under the subject line, kinda, sorta cops to some same-sex attraction, smokin' Shelby Lynne, who just released Just a Little Lovin', an ode to the definitely dykey crooner Dusty Springfield, told a solipsistic New York Times Magazine reporter who asked her about the gay rumors, "I've done everything on every corner of the universe, but I'm not going to make an announcement about it." Big ole lesbo or not, Shelby's reinterpretation of Dusty's canon, including, "Wishin' and Hopin," "You Didn't Have to Say You Love Me," and "I Only Want to Be with You," is definite make-out music for gay girls and their hetero pals alike.

In other homolicious music news, it seems like all of these cutie-pie Aussie pop girls can't keep their hands off the other girls. First, Missy Higgins copped to a little girl-on-girl tendency and now the ubiquitous Sia, whose CD is plastered around Starbucks next to the dark chocolate, biscotti and gift cards, has admitted she's got a girly in her life.

Sia - � siamusic.net
The "Little Black Sandals" singer told a reporter at Attitude magazine that she was having love problems and here's what went down. Is he an American boy? Sia: It's a girl, and yeah, she's American. She's kind of like a boy. An immaculate transition. Is it serious? Sia: It is for me. For her, I don't know.

For L Word junkies and haters alike, a new episode had Ross and Rachel – I mean Bette and Tina – making out at a club not so loosely based on Los Angeles' Girlbar. Which means Bette's doing what she does best, cheating on her hot-assed girlfriend Jodi and avoiding commitment.

Who cares! It was sexy and overdue, and the 500-plus Lesbos cruising each other at Hollywood's Falcon screening whooped and hollered as if they'd just been collectively laid.

"At Last," filed under officially going to hell in a hand basket, Beyonce is slated to play the inimitable Etta James in a film called Cadillac Records. Insert collective groan – Gay Link Content

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