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Ricky Martin outed by beautician

Bryan Ochalla | December 13, 2007

Ricky Martin
LOS ANGELES — Ask most gay men if they think hip-swinging Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin is gay and their response should be along the lines of, "well, duh".

That said, the former Meundo member has always been cagey on the subject, generally refusing to confirm or deny reports that he's gay (despite the slew of photos that have shown up on line of Martin and various half-naked muscle men cavorting on the beach).

Well, it seems one of Martin's beauticians has done what many gay men hoped the singer would do himself, eventually.

According to E! Online gossip guru Ted Casablanca, skin-care expert Ole Henriksen was recently asked in an unnamed Swedish magazine who he�d like to vacation with other than his partner.

Henriksen's answer: �I�d go for Stig T�fting (former Danish soccer player) but since he�s straight, I�d say my client Ricky Martin.�

Of course, as of yet there's been no response from the Martin camp. – Gay Link Content

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