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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | December 06, 2007

Queen Latifah – will she, won't she?

Are wedding bells about to toll for Big Babe Queen Latifah and her long-time companion and personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins? Rumor has it that royal fence sitter Queen Latifah popped the question to her purported lady love – and by question, I don�t mean, �Honey where�d we hide the dildos when the fam was here for Thanksgiving?�

A nasty little buzz that began on the gossip blog, MediaTakeOut.com, asserts that the Queen not only asked juicy Jeanette to say �I do,� but that Queen�s planning to announce her Queerness to the world!

Now Page Six has run Queen�s betrothal as a blind item that another Queen, bitchy Perez Hilton of PerezHilton.com, has reposted. Yikes! The blind item that started out as a Queen coming out story has turned into wild speculation that the item is about everyone including, double Oscar winner, closeted lesbian of the high cheekbones, trucker voice and thin lips variety, Ms. Jodie Foster. Other guesses on the short list include, Wanda Sykes and Kelly McGillis. Wouldn�t it just be grand if they were all big Lesbos who came out?

Queen Latifah and her long-time 'gal pal' Jeanette Jenkins If it�s not just a load of crap, congrats to Queen – who�s as fetching as a glammed up girl for awards shows as she in jeans and a t-shirt and butched out on a hog – and by hog I don�t mean� Still, after Queen�s back-peddling in Glamour Magazine�s September issue about her appeal with the gay ladies, where Queen asserted she�s glad her gay fans haven�t damaged her prospects attracting the male of the species.

�Luckily, this gay thing hasn�t messed up my appeal to the gentlemen, because I have never had any problems meeting men. Maybe they get turned on by the idea of that!� Queen told Glamour. A note to Queen, you have no problem attracting men because you are a woman with a pulse, your gay fans can live with you wanting to keep your private life private – although you�d make an amazing, not to mention, hot role model – but what we can not abide is the old clich� that girl on girl is second only in male fantasyland to a girl in a Princess Leia costume. No f***ing kidding Queen.

And just for fun, The Queen, her Hairspray co-star, the ever-fruity John Travolta and fence sitter who won�t come out but doesn�t blow smoke about it either, Jodie Foster, kicked open their closets and breakfasted together at the Hollywood Reporter�s Power 100 Breakfast in Los Angeles Tuesday – although, it sounds more like it was a Closet Cases Anonymous meeting. Too bad Michelle �Cry-baby� Rodriguez and Tom Tom Club Cruise weren�t there for the cookie and cake commitments.

It�s official! Sweet Potato Reese Witherspoon is the top – the top paid American actress that is – according to the Hollywood Reporter�s latest list. Our little Reese has grown up since her Man in the Moon, Freeway and Election days. The Academy Award winner for channeling June Carter Cash in Walk the Line pulls in a cool $15 to $20 million per flick. Hot damn! And with her on again off again relationship with Brokeback Bottom Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese is practically a single lady. Hmmmm. Reese as a baby sugar mama sounds pretty damned yummy.

Next on the Reporter�s list is Hot Assed Humanitarian MILF, Empress Angelina Jolie, also earning about $15 to $ 20 million per movie. That�s a good thing for Beefy Brad Pitt, because Angie and their brood have worn that poor man�s ass out and he looks like he�s need of some permanent R & R, aka, retirement.

The number three top earner is Cameron �what has she done lately?� Diaz, at $15 million, to which I have to reply with a Scooby Doo style �Zoinks?� Yeah, Cammie looks cute dancing in her undies but that�s about it. Whip those skivvies off and do a jig Cam!

Rounding out the top 10 is gorgeous Aussie ice princess Nicole Kidman at $10 to $15 per pic. But not for long with the careen into oblivion her career path has taken. Although, Nic�s new flick The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman�s trilogy of children�s books, has pissed off the Catholic League for its depiction of the church as evil� It�s such a hoot irritating the Catholic League, which guarantees bofo box office, so the movie might just pull Nic�s career out of the can.

And in case you were wondering, the remaining top earning actresses who make about $10 million less than Reese and Angie but who are all viable sugar mamas, are Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger and Jodie Foster.

Speaking of Empress Angie, she nabbed herself an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her playing Marianne Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, in her labor of love, A Mighty Heart. While Ange�s hotness factor has never been in question, her viability as a real actress has been refutable. But good on Ange. She pulled in a fearless, metered performance wearing what the media dubbed �blackface� to play Marianne, who�s mixed race. Other Blender faves who�ve nabbed Best Female Lead nominees include Sienna Miller for Interview and Parker Posey for Broken English.

The Best Supporting Female Lead category is even more rife with perennial Blender faves and hot babes in general, including Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle�s mumbler extraordinaire, Jennifer Jason Leigh for Margot at the Wedding; Queen Cate Blanchett for doing her best Bob Dylan drag in I�m Not There and the ever-watchable Marisa Tomei for Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Plus, French Beauty Julie Delpy pulled in a Best First Feature nod for Two Days in Paris.

Oh yeah� some dudes were nominated for some stuff. It�s not that we don�t� love the boys, it�s just that they get so much airtime, this love is all for the gals. With all those lovely ladies on board for Independent Spirits, fingers crossed they all get tipsy on Hangar One martinis and make out at the after party.

It�s that time of year again� No not Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year�s! It�s the fifth annual count down to those solipsistic, glamorous hot asses on The L Word, premiering in America January 6, and Showtime�s leaking just enough clippage to keep the junkies sufficiently jonesing for more. The latest L Word teaser does just that. Leave it to Ilene Chaiken and Co. to make Turkish Oil wrestling the next big fad. Like Kate Moennig�s and Leisha Hailey�s trend-setting haircuts in season one, stunning lesbians worldwide will be going topless in a pit to roll around with other long-haired hot chicks, as the beloved Jenny Shecter does in the teaser. Say what you will about Mia Kirshner and her much-maligned character, crazy Jenny, but Mia looks damned smokin� oiled down and sporting her perma-Bettie Paige coiffure. Check out a bit of teaser action in the latest L Word promo.

Other L Word tidbits include Rachel Shelley�s Helena dropping the soap in the prison shower. And hurray to the L Word writers for not steering clear of that – funny if it�s done right – platitude. Also in store, Shane takes an ill-conceived stab at abstinence and Ross and Rachel – I mean Bette and Tina – kinda, sorta look like they might get back together. Is it me or is Bette�s possibly leaving Marlee Matlin�s Jodi for yawn-inducing Tina, a harebrained notion? Although it looks from the teasers like Tina got an Emerald City, �Merry Old Land of Oz� style spruced up look and personality for the new season. For more tantalizing video goodness, head on over to the L Word official site.

Here�s a quickie down and dirty� Chestnut-haired Australian beauty Megan Gale is slated to don Wonder Woman�s magic lasso and bracelets for the upcoming Justice League of America flick – more aptly referred to as porn for comic book geeks.

Dame Barbara Streisand is a �Woman in Love,� with Presidential Democratic – occasional – frontrunner Hillary Clinton, that is. Babs has endorsed Hills to be her �Madame President.� The gayest icon on the planet, Babs has supported the Clintons since Bill took his first swing at the Presidency. Babs is pretty smitten with Bill and now Hills. Maybe the Clintons, Babs and her beleaguered hubby James Brolin go in for the occasional key party�

While the residuals are about to pour in on DVD sales of Knocked Up, Judd Apatow�s forward-thinking film about a shlubby, chubby loser dude who gets the hot girl – Hollywood�s latest and greatest movie theme – it�s star, Grey�s Anatomy�s Katherine Heigl says she thought the film was sexist. �It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, it paints the men as goofy fun-loving guy,� Katherine told Variety about the cash cow puerile film. Katherine, have you ever heard of Jack Black, Paul Giamatti, Adam Sandler etc�? Those guys would be flipping at the In and Out burger if not for the fun-loving goofy guy character. – Gay Link Content

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