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Carol Channing�s diamond dress snatched from LA hotel

Ross von Metzke | September 17, 2007

Carol Channing
Thieves don�t get much gayer than this.

Diamonds are a girl�s best friend, and if that girl is Carol Channing and you�re the thief who snatched her dress from the Broadway production of Gentleman Prefer Blondes from a Los Angeles hotel, you might want to hightail it out of town – and fast.

According to the Associated Press, the �diamond dress�, bound for the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., was stolen from Channing at the Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles while she and her husband were checking in Thursday afternoon.

The thief, which police have identified as an African American man between 25 and 35 years of age after reviewing surveillance tapes, allegedly grabbed one of Channing�s suitcases from a bellman�s cart while they were left unattended.

Because the dress is valued at over $150,000, if caught, the thief will face felony charges for Grand Theft.

"He must be awfully hungry to do such a thing," Channing told TMZ.com yesterday. "They have a suspect... I won't say his name, because we want the dress back, we don�t want him. The Smithsonian is sad. I am not sad."

Police are currently searching pawn shops and vintage clothing stores to see if the dress turns up. – Gay Link Content

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