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Rosie O�Donnell broke her own bones as a child

Ross von Metzke | September 14, 2007

Rosie O�Donnell
LOS ANGELES — TV�s one time �Queen of Nice� may have shaken up her image with her recent stint on The View, but Rosie O�Donnell is still brutally honest as ever, spilling secrets from her childhood in her latest autobiography, Celebrity Detox, in which she admits to abusing herself as a child.

But while the most common kind of self mutilation among children is cutting, according to television�s The Insider, O�Donnell claims she would �bat� herself as a child – breaking bones on her body with a baseball bat.

�My hands and fingers usually. No one knew. My secret,� she writes in the book, going on to say that she thinks she did it to prove that she had some sort of value – at least enough to be fixed.

In the book, O�Donnell goes on to say that there were benefits to having a cast on her arm – in the middle of the night, it could be used for protection.

From what, she doesn�t elaborate in the book – though The Insider suggests it might be from childhood abuse that O�Donnell has previously alluded to in interviews.

Celebrity Detox is, according to numerous reports, an autobiography that weaves in many of O�Donnell�s observations and thoughts while participating in and since leaving The View. – Gay Link Content

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